NVMe Developer Days

December 5–6, 2018
San Diego, California


Coaching Can Improve Your NVMe Developer Days Presentation

Do You Have Trouble Preparing Your Presentations?
Would You Like to Have More Speaking Confidence?
Do You Want to Know Whether You Are Conveying Your Message?

BoldEchoIf you answered yes to any of these questions, we recommend you get in touch with BoldEcho Communication Solutions (www.boldecho.com).

BoldEcho’s expert people will:

After many years of producing conferences, we have found the team at Bold Echo to be exceptional. Bold Echo provides speaker coaching and presentation skills workshops to such companies as NVIDIA, Facebook, NetApp, eBay, Google, and Intel, as well as for the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Alan Weckel, VP at Dell’Oro Group, says:

Karen at Bold Echo did a great job in preparing me for my Ethernet Technology Summit keynote. The coaching helped refine my delivery and messaging along with my on stage presence. It helped keep the audience engaged during my keynote and resulted in very positive feedback from the audience afterwards. I felt like it was a great way to prepare for a presentation and would strongly recommend them to others.

BoldEcho has the right approach and the right experience. They can help you engage your audience, hone your message and speaking skills, and leave listeners with the positive impression you want to convey. Why spend time, effort, and money on a presentation and get bad results because you didn’t take advantage of readily available help?

To find out how BoldEcho can help you, contact Lead Coach Karen Williams at (408) 206-2417 or Karen@boldecho.com.

And remember, using a speaking coach is no different than using a lawyer, accountant, financial advisor, PR agency, or advertising agency. It lets you focus on the technical issues that are your core competency, while having professionals handle problems where they can be far more effective than you.

Note: In case you’re wondering (I would be), we do not get a commission from Bold Echo Communication Solutions. After long experience, we have decided this is a solvable problem, and all of us will benefit from better presentations. Why struggle, feel uncomfortable, or perform poorly when a solution is at hand?